How do you make ice?

We get this question a lot. How do you make ice? Do you just flood it with a hose and hope for the best?

Unfortunately it is not that easy. We start by servicing and prepping the chillers, which take several days. Once we have chillers up and running, we wait for 3 days to bring the floor temp down. When the floor is freezing cold, we make marks on the concrete which will guide our paint and logos later in the day. We spend the next 10 hours adding water to the floor in very thin layers. We mist it on using some special equipment. Next we put 3 layer of white paint down with the same misting device. Followed by more layers of water and then lines and logos. We finish with more layers of ice on top of the lines and logos. This goes on for days. It is a slow process, but when it is done right is looks good.

Please enjoy this 10 minute video. It is sped up to compress over 10 hours of work to show you the process.

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