1. Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the start of class to complete registration paperwork (if not done in advance), and obtain your class name-tag and instructor’s name.  A table will be staffed in the lobby for this purpose.
  2. Wear warm comfortable clothing (layers are best) that is not restrictive, including gloves or mittens. Helmets are strongly recommended for beginners.
  3. If you are renting skates from us, you will need to pay $2. per lesson in the pro-shop and take your skate rental ticket to the skate rental counter.  A staff member will help you with the correct try of skates. We recommend that first time beginners wear figure skates and not hockey skates; figure skates provide more ankle support and over all  stability. One pair of thin socks is recommended for the best fit.
  4. If you have your own skates, let us help determine if they are the correct size and type for you. (See skate fitting tips)
  5. Before class begins, practice walking, in your skates, in the lobby area.
  6. Instructors will be introduced in the lobby.  Beginner (Pre-Alpha and Tots) level classes will begin off ice.  Parents are asked to leave your skater with the instructor and to view the classes from a comfortable distance.  This helps your skater stay focused on the lesson and to pay full attention to the instructor.
  7. Beginner level skaters (Pre-Alpha and Tot classes) are evaluated on the first day of class and grouped according to age and ability level.
  8. Each Tuesday at 6:30pm and  Saturday at 1:00pm, there is a 10 minute practice session for class skaters.  Instructors are available to answer your questions during this time.
  9. As your skater progresses through the class series, your skater is constantly being evaluated by the instructors.  If the instructor feels that the skater is ready to move to the next level class, you will be contacted.  At the end of the series of classes, all skaters will receive a class recomendation card for enrollment in the next series of lessons.
  10. Each skater receives 8 passes per session to  public skates.  These passes are non transferable, and are on the skater’s class name-tag.  We encourage skaters to practice the skills they have learned during class in order to progress to the next level of class.