It is COVID information time. The Ice Arena is looking forward to your return and is busy preparing ways to keep us ALL safe. Please take a moment and read these:

A  Message from the General manager of the Ice Arena:

In regard to COVID - all variants - We will be keeping the shield up, and hand sanitizer will be stationed around the building. Face masks are optional unless it is required on the state level.  How long these regulations will be in place is unknown but what we do know is we do not want to close and we absolutely want to keep all our users as safe as possible.  These requirements for  use of the LGRIA will be effective and stay thru the 2022-2023 season if necessary.
In addition to the rules already in place requiring social distancing and masks throughout the facility, we are returning to the locker room usage policy  - 1 hour before due on the ice
locker rooms will be available for your players and coaches. Players will NOT be REQUIRED to come to the facility fully dressed to play.   Dressing in the arena and lobby will not be allowed.  If a player is not dressed, they will be asked to use a locker room.  We will be placing chairs and benches around the arena to help keep social distancing  while putting our skates and helmets on.