A Message from the GM – Jason Woods….

  • As of 9/18/2020 the locker rooms will once again be open  and available for team use.  This is the only COVID change as of now and to be clear, you and your program will be in control as to whether locker room use will continue or not.
  •  Arrival -15 minute early arrival / departure is still the plan.  Goalies can arrive 20 minutes early for dressing.
  • stretch and warm up outside, the park is also available.
  • Masks  MUST be worn at all times when not on ice.  Before / after ice time and during locker room  and exiting building -use is  expected.
  • Failure to follow -mask wearing-  will result in loss of locker room.

Thank you for your understanding.  We want you to be on the ice.  We are excited to see everyone skating.  We must do all we can to ensure that we are as safe and protected as we can.  It is our goal to avoid issues and stay open.

It is COVID information time. The Ice Arena is looking forward to your return and is busy preparing
ways to keep us ALL safe. Please take a moment and read  these:


The Public skates will be open for 40 attending skaters starting this weekend.

there are additional slots for the Fall 11 Learn to skate  programs.

covid information flyer