Tot 1 / 2 / 3-4  Advanced  
Designed for skaters ages 3-5, who are independent with little to no skating experience and can participate in a class setting.   In general, their classes will cover balance, proper falling, and getting up unassisted.   Skaters will be taught to march across the ice unassisted, skate and balance on two feet, skate and balance on one foot, and backward skating. Our instructors will utilize games and toys in their instruction to keep the young kids engaged in learning. From time to time, we will evaluate your skater and may make adjustments to their class enrollment based on their ability.

  • Tot 1:  Designed for skater who have never skated before
    or taken lessons.
  • Tot 2: Intended for skaters who have taken our classes and passed the Tot1 test.
  • Tot Advanced: Intended for skaters who have taken our  classes and passed the Tot 2 test.

Designed for skaters who are 6 and older who have never skated before or taken lessons. Skaters will learn to skate unassisted with some flow and speed across the ice. Skills covered in this class include two foot glides,  one foot glides, forward swizzles, and backward swizzles, and backward wiggles.

Skills covered in this class are forward skating / stroking/ strides forward crossovers on a circle ( left and right) and one foot snowplow stop.
Requirement : Pass the Pre-Alpha Test


Skills covered in this class are focused on backward stroking, backward crossovers on a circle (left and right),  and T stops (left and right)
Requirement:  Passed the Alpha Test

Gamma-(Advanced Intermediate)
Skills covered in this class are intended for a more advanced skater who is comfortable and proficient with forward and backward skating. Skills covered in this class include: forward outside 3- turns (left and right), 7- step Mohawk sequence (left and right), and hockey stop.
Requirement: Has Passed the Beta Test

Skills covered in this class include:  Forward inside 3 turns (left and right), forward outside and inside edges, bunny hop, shoot- the- duck and lunges.  When skaters pass this class, they are able to join our freestyle classes where they will begin to learn how to jump and spin!
Requirement: Has Passed the Gamma Test 

Adult Class
Designed for ages 18 and older. We work with the skater at their level (and comfort!) with the intention of getting them as far as they would like to go with skating. We begin with the basics of skating including how to fall and get up, how to move across the ice, and beyond. Both hockey and figure skating basic skills will be covered.

Home School - Monthly skate day
This is for skaters of all levels. This does not offer lessons but  does offer opportunity for exercise and socializing. Homeschoolers meet the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Ice Dancing
Similar to ball room dancing, but on the ice! Learn the tango and waltz! This is designed for experienced skaters who
have passed the Adult Intermediate Class, ISI Alpha Class or are proficient at forward skating and stopping.

Introduction to Competition
This class is only offered on Saturdays in the Winter 1 session. It is intended for our skaters who are interested in competing in our March 2021 competition. Skaters do not have to have passed a particular class level as we offer events for all of our basic skills skaters ( from tot through Gamma-Delta!).  We will work with your skater to create a program and teach the basics of competition etiquette. It's a great way to experience the fun of competing and performing!

Fundamentals in Figure Skating (Advanced)
Freestyle 1 to 10

Designed for skaters who have passed the ISI Delta or permission from Skating Director. Jumps, Spins, Power Skating, Edge Class,
Ice Dancing and Skating a program to music will be included. 60 Minutes of instruction. Drop in Freestyle  times are on the class cards.

Freestyle 1 skills
Forward inside pivot, two-foot spin, forward arabesque, backward outise and inside edges, one-half flip, waltz jump

Freestyle 2 skills
Ballet jump, One-half Toe walley jump, One-half lutz Jump, One-foot Spin, Two-foward Arabesques, Dance step

Freestyle 3 skills
Backward Pivot, Salchow Jump, Change Foot spin, Backward Arabesque, Toe Loop or Toe walley Jump, Dance Step

Freestyle 4 skills
Flip Jump, Loop Jump, Sit Spin, One-Half Loop Jump, Two Backward Arabesques, Dance step

Freestyle 5 skills
Lutz Jump, Axel Jump, Camel Spin, Camel-sit-upright spin, fast back scratch spin, Dance step

Freestyle 6 skills

Split jump, Split Falling Leaf Jump, Jump Sequence – Axel-one-half loop -flip Jump, Choice of spin~ Cross-foot,
layback, sit change sit, Spin combination with change of foot and position, Dance step

Freestyle 7 skills
Double toe or double toe walley, two walley jumps in a row, combination spin with change of foot and position,
flying camel, jump sequence ~ one foot axel-one quarter flip axel, opposite jump, dance step

Freestyle 8 skills
Must test at a district test session
Double loop jump, double flip jump, Split lutz, Flying sit or Open Axel Sit, Jump Sequence ~ one and one-quarter
flip-one and one-quarter flip double salchow, Illusion or camel Jump Camel spin, Dance Step

Freestyle 9 skills
Must test at a district test session
Arabesque/Bauer/spread eagle combination, Double Lutz, Axel- Double loop jump combination, axel in the opposite
direction or double axel, jump combination ~ rocker or counter jump-double toe ~ Double loop, flying camel into
jump sit spin, Dance step

Freestyle 10 skills
Must test at a district test session
Double Axel-double loop jump combination, Triple edge jump, Death Drop, Four alternating axels in a row or triple toe
assisted jump, double jump to the right and double jump to the left or triple toe assisted jump – double loop jump combination,
Three arabian cartwheels or butterfly jumps in a row , dance step sequence creative

ISI Recreational Competitions Class

Designed for Alpha – Gamma – Delta Skaters this exciting new class is designed to introduce skaters to the exciting world of
recreational figure skating competitions. Skater will receive a personalized program to music, to use at an upcoming ISI
Competition.  ISI membership ($15) required for participation in competitions is included in their registration of class.

ISI Competition
Each year the Lou & Gib Reese Ice Arena hosts an ISI Recreational Ice skating Competition.  Skaters of all ages and levels
are welcome to participate in the many fun individual and team events!  This annual event will take place  March  2016  and
will be the final event in the 2015-2016 District 7 Championship series.
The Ice Skating Institute is divided into 17 geographic districts, and District 7 is comprised of all members in Indiana, Kentucky
, and Ohio.  Skaters will accumulate points according to placement in their events at each of the series competions.  Awards for the season will be presented at the March  2016, Spring Invitational Competition.

ISI Testing and Membership
All skaters enrolled in our classes become Individual Member(s) of ISI (The Ice Skating Institute) as part of the annual registration
fee paid to us. This annual national membershhip provides the skaters with a membership card, a subscription to Recreational Ice Skating Magazine, participation in ISI Competitions, testing, and a supplemental accident insurance policy.

Our class curriculum is based on the ISI recreational ice skating program.  Each skating level serves as a building block for the next,
so that once skaters master the basic forward and backward skating skills, they can progress to the many other aspects of Ice skating, including hockey, figure, and speed skating.

All skaters are evaluated on the skating skills taught in classes.  These ISI tests are conducted in a fun atmosphere, and help us determine when the skater is ready to learn the next set of skating skills. These tests are nationally registered with the ISI International office.

For more information on tests please contact
Arena Director