Our Mission

It is the mission of this organization to develop and encourage interest in skating as an affordable family recreational activity. To  create opportunities to learn how to skate, to pursue skating beyond the introductory level, and to provide a suitable environment for the training and competition of skaters and hockey players.  Plus enhancing community economic development and tourism by hosting competitions, tournaments, shows, and events.

Lou & Gib Reese Ice Arenal

We Thrive On Making Your Experience Memorable For Many Years To Come

Meet Our Staff

Jason Woods

General Manager

Andrew Redman

Manager in Charge

Margaret Baldwin

Concessions and Parties Manager

Susie Robertson

Business Manager

Kristan Hausman

Skating Director

Meet Our Instructional Staff

Kristan Hausman

Skating Director

Kristan has been teaching for the past 10 years, and is an ISI Gold and Synchro Certified Judge. Kristan was a founding member of the Ohio State University Precision Skating Team and Figure Skating Club
Her areas of specialty include High freestyle (jumps and spins), Synchronized skating, power skating, PreHockey/Hockey skills, music editing, and choreography. Kristan has taught skates who have passed ISI Freestyle Level 7.

Amber Kolberg


Educational Background: Graduate of The Ohio State University; majoring in Education

Skating Background: 12 years skating experience, 12 years synchronized skating teams, passed Pre-Silver dances and Intermediate moves, ISI Member; Silver / Synchro Certified judge

Specialize in teaching, Basic skills, Hockey Basics, and Freestyle, Synchro Coach

Olga Staker

Skating Instructor

Educational Background: Native of Russia, holds a 5 year University Degree in Education / English major from State Linguistic University, Nichny Novgorod, Russia


Skating Background: USFSA Adult Silver freestyle and Moves, ISI FS 5; 2008 Adult National Champion in Bronze Class II; ISI Silver Certified Judge; ISI Professional member; Ten years coaching experience learn to skate / private lessons from Tots to Freestyle 5

Specialize in teaching: Basic skills, Freestyle, and Off ice conditioning, Music editing and basic choreography (especially for spotlights)

Contact Information: 740-973-3302 (cell) 740.364.0808 (H)

Diane Huston

Skating Coordinator

Diane has been teaching for over 30 years and is an ISI Gold Certified judge. Diane’s personal skating accomplishments include passing her USFS Gold level dances, Canadian Gold level dances, 2 International dances, Intermediate free skate, Adult Gold Free Skate, ISI Dance 9, and ISI Freestyle 6.
Her areas of specialty include: Dance, Moves, Freestyle and Basic skills, Diane has coached skaters who have passed through their Gold Level Dances and Senior Moves.
In addition to skating experience, Diane has a Masters in Education and 10 years of experience teaching LD students in the public schools.

Toni Carter


Educational Background: St. John University – Major Quantitative analysis, minor in Accounting and Economics.

Skating Background: 15 years skating;

Specialize in teaching: Tots, Beginner Adults

Kelsea Brown


Abby Miller


Abby has been teaching group lessons for the past 7 years and private lessons for the past 5 years.
Abby’s personal accomplishments include passing her senior ladies moves and Free skate, and Intermediate Pairs.
Her areas of specialty include: USFS rules and regulations, jumps, spins, moves in the field, and IJS judging system.
Abby is a Puerto Rican National Champion and has trained with Olympic and International coaches. She is a Skate for Hope choreographer and has coached a Regional competitor. She is also a Special Olympic coach for Franklin County.