Welcome to The New - Hockey  Academy

Hockey Academy is started because of a need to increase the proficiency of the player's skating technique. For the beginner skater who is attending the Learn to Skate program - they will transition to hockey skates after attending Pre-Alpha level class.  By completing the Tot-Pre Alpha levels their skating ability is strong enough to go to the next phase, which is Hockey Academy.

This is where they will learn the skills which were learned in Pre- Hockey and ready the skater for a team.  This child's skating ability will make him/her a more comfortable player because they can skate.

Classes begin  Saturday,  September 2022

2022-23 Season - Hockey Academy Brochure (coming soon)

Hockey Academy for 2022-2023 Season - Saturday Mornings

The “Hockey skating skill Academy  program is designed for beginner skater who desires to play hockey (enroll in learn to skate program to get your skating skills tot-Pre Alpha), Geared for age 4 and up who need to learn how to skate forward, backward, and stop by using hockey stops. Classes will be divided by ability levels focusing on several key areas including the fundamentals of skating.   For this the kids can wear all their hockey equipment.    –Required equipment:  elbow pads, shin-guards, hockey gloves, a helmet, and hockey pants, shoulder pads and mouth guards. (These can be borrowed thru NIHA' shed program upon request.) You will need to purchase the socks, protective under garment, and mouth guard.

Once the skater passes the skills needed to move up  NIHA  will have them join a team. HSSA provides  each player with the necessary skills needed to compete at the House and / or Travel level.  Each player will advance through  this program and eventually be placed on a team within the Newark Ice Hockey Association (NIHA).

The First step is getting your skating skills in place…everything else is built around skating… Have a strong skating ....technique and hockey skills will follow!

Hockey Academy Classes  consist of 45 minutes of lessons and  practice.   Please read the “First day of class” information … this will prepare you for what you need before starting class.